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87. Marra, C., Hartke, T., Ringkamp, M., Goldfarb, M. (2023)  Enhanced sodium channel inactivation by temperature and FHF2 deficiency blocks heat nociception.  Pain 164, 1321-1331.  (times cited: 2)


86. Santucci, J., Park, D.S., Shekhar, A., Lin, X., Bu, L., Yamaguchi, N., Mintz, S., Chang, E.W., Khodadi-Jamayran, A., Redel-Traub, G., Goldfarb, M., Fishman, G.I. (2022) Contrasting ionic mechanisms of impaired conduction in FHF1- and FHF-2 deficient hearts.  Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology 15, e011296.  (times cited: 2)




85. Veliskova, J., Marra, C., Liu, Y., Shekhar, A., Park, D.S., Iatckova, V., Xie, Y., Fishman, G.I., Velisek, L., Goldfarb, M.  (2021)  Early-onset epilepsy and SUDEP with cardiac arrhythmia in mice carrying the EIEE47 gain-of-function Fhf1(Fgf12) missense mutation.  Epilepsia  62, 1546-1558.  (times cited: 13)




84. Fry, A.E., Marra, C., 18 others, Goldfarb, M., Chung, S.-K. (2021)  Missense variants in the N-terminal domain of the A isoform of FHF2/FGF13 cause an X-linked infantile onset developmental and epileptic encephalopathy.  Am. J. Hum. Genet. 108, 176-185.  (times cited: 18)










83. Park, D.S., Shekhar, A., Santucci, J., Redel-Traub, G., Solinas, S.M.G., Mintz, S., Lin, X., Chang, E.W., Narke, D., Xia, Y., Goldfarb, M., Fishman, G.I. (2020) Ionic mechanisms of impulse propagation failure in the FHF2-deficient heart.  Circ. Res. 127, 1536-1548.  (times cited: 6)











82. Soda, T., Mapelli, L., Locatelli, F., Botta, L., Goldfarb, M., Prestori, F., D'Angelo, E.M. (2019)  Hyperexcitability and hyperplasticity disrupt cerebellar signal transfer in the IB2 KO mouse model of autism. J. Neurosci. 39, 2383-2397.  (times cited: 27) 






81. Nandi, S., Gutin, G., Blackwood, C., Kamatkar, M., Lee, K., Fishell, Gl, Wang, F., Goldfarb, M., Hebert, J.M. (2017)  FGF-dependent, context-driven role for FRS adapters in the early telencephalon.  J. Neurosci. 37, 5690-5698.  (times cited: 11)






80. Park, D., Shekhar, A., Marra, C., Lin X., Vasquez, C., Solinas, S., Kelley, K., Morley, G., Goldfarb, M., Fishman, G.I. (2016)  Fhf2 gene deletion causes temperature-sensitive cardiac conduction failure.  Nature Commun. 7, 12966.  (times cited: 38) 






79. Dover, K., Marra, C., Solinas, S., Popovic, M., Subramaniyam, S., Zecevic, D., D'Angelo, E., Goldfarb, M. (2016)  FHF-independent conduction of action potentials along the leak-resistant cerebellar granule cell axon.  Nature Commun. 7, 12895.  (times cited: 27) 






78. Siekierska, A., Isrie, M., Liu, Y., Scheldeman, C., Vanthill, N., Lagae, L., de Witte, P.A.M., Van Esch, H., Goldfarb, M., Buyse, G. (2016)  Gain-of-function FHF missense mutation causes early-onset epileptic encephalopathy with cerebellar atrophy.  Neurology 86, 2162-2170. (times cited: 70) 






77. Venkatesan, K., Liu, Y., Goldfarb, M. (2014)  Fast-onset long-term open-state block of sodium channels by A-type FHF mediates classical spike accommodation in hippocampal pyramidal neurons.  J. Neurosci. 34, 16126-16139. (times cited: 46) 






76. Goldfarb, M. (2012)  Voltage gated sodium channel associated proteins and alternative mechanisms of inactivation and block.  Cell. Molec. Life Sci. 69, 1067-1076. (times cited: 71) 






75. Dover, K., Solinas, S., D’Angelo, E., and Goldfarb, M. (2010)  Long-term inactivation particle for voltage-gated sodium channels.  J. Physiology (London) 588, 2695-2711. (times cited: 91)

74. Giza, J., Urbanski, M.J., Prestori, F., Bandhyopadhyay, B., Yam, A., Friedrich, V., Kelley, K., D’Angelo, E. and Goldfarb, M.  (2010)  Behavioral and cerebellar transmission deficits in mice lacking the autism-linked gene islet brain-2.  J. Neurosci. 30, 14805-14816. (times cited: 75)






73. Diwakar, S., Magistretti, J., Goldfarb, M., Naldi, G., and D’Angelo, E. (2009)  Axonal sodium channels ensure fast spike activation and back-propagation in cerebellar granule cells.  J. Neurophysiol. 101, 519-532. (times cited: 144) 






72. Goetz, R., Dover, K., Laezza, F.,  Shtraizent, N., Huang, X., Tchetchik, D., Eliseenkova, A.V., Xu, C.-F., Neubert, T.A., Ornitz, D.M., Goldfarb, M., Mohammadi, M. (2009)  Crystal structure of FHF2 unveils a conserved binding site on FHFs for the C-terminal domain of voltage-gated sodium channels.  J.Biol. Chem. 284,17883-17896. (times cited: 155)




71. Goldfarb, M. (2008)  “Real Cancer Genes”, pgs 175-179.  In “Life Illuminated”, Cold Spring Harbor Press; J. Witkowski, A Gann, J. Sambrook, Eds. 






70. Goldfarb, M., Schoorlemmer, J., Williams, A., Diwakar, S., Wang, Q., Huang, X., Giza, J., Tchetchik, D., Kelley, K., Vega, A., Matthews, G., Rossi, P., Ornitz, D.M., D’Angelo, E. (2007)  FHFs control neuronal excitability through modulation of voltage gated sodium channels.  Neuron 55, 449-463. (times cited: 288)






69. Goldfarb, M. (2005)  Fibroblast growth factor homologous factors:  evolution, structure, and function.  Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 16,  215-220. (times cited: 257)






68. Wittmack, E.K., Rush, A.M., Craner, M.J., Goldfarb, M., Waxman, S.G. and Dib-Hajj, S. (2004)  Association of FHF2B and voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.6 in vitro and in vivo: functional implications.  J. Neurosci. 24:6765-6775. (times cited: 151)






67. Olsen, S., Garbi, M., Zampieri, N., Eliseenkova, A.N., Ornitz, D.M., Goldfarb, M. and Mohammadi, M. (2003)  FHFs share structural but not functional homology to FGFs.  J. Biol. Chem.  278,  34226-34236. (times cited: 363)






66. Schoorlemmer, J. and Goldfarb, M. (2002)   FGF homologous factors and the islet brain-2 scaffold protein regulate activation of a stress-activated protein kinase.  J. Biol. Chem. 277, 49111-49119. (times cited: 120)






65. Yan, K.S., Kuti, M., Yan, S., Farooq, A., Goldfarb, M.P., and Zhou, M.-M. (2002)  FRS2 PTB domain conformation regulates interactions with divergent neurotrophic receptors.  J. Biol. Chem. 277, 17088-17094. (times cited: 46) 






64. Goldfarb, M. (2001)  Signaling by fibroblast growth factors: the inside story.  Science’s STKE 106/pe38.  (times cited: 102)






63. Schoorlemmer, J. and Goldfarb, M. (2001)  Fibroblast growth factor homologous factors are intracellular signalling proteins.  Curr. Biol. 11, 793-797. (times cited: 156)






62. Xu, H. and Goldfarb, M. (2001)  Multiple effector domains within SNT-1 coordinate ERK activation and neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells.  J. Biol. Chem. 276, 13049-13056. (times cited: 47)






61. Hama, J., Xu, H., Goldfarb, M., and Weinstein, D.C. (2001)  SNT-1/FRS2alpha physically interacts with Laloo and mediates mesoderm induction by fibroblast growth factor.  Mech. Dev. 109, 195-204. (times cited: 20)






60. Dhalluin, C., Yan, K., Plotnikova, O., Lee, K.W., Zeng, L., Kuti, M., Mujtaba, S., Goldfarb, M., and Zhou, M.-M. (2000)  Structural basis of SNT PTB domain interactions with distinct neurotrophic receptors.  Mol. Cell 6, 921-929. (times cited: 138)






59. Jung, J., Zheng, M., Goldfarb, M., and Zaret, K. (1999)  Inititation of mammalian liver development from endoderm by fibroblast growth factors.  Science 284, 1998-2003. (times cited: 922)






58. Colvin, J.S., Feldman, B., Nadeau, J.H., Goldfarb, M., and Ornitz, D.M. (1999)  Genomic organization and embryonic expression of the mouse fibroblast growth factor 9 gene.  Dev. Dyn. 216, 72-88. (times cited: 268)






57. Xu, H., Lee, K.W., and Goldfarb, M. (1998) (Communication) Novel recognition motif on FGF receptor mediates direct association and activation of SNT adaptor proteins.  J.Biol. Chem. 273, 17987-17990. (times cited: 217)






56. Hartung, H., Feldman, B., Lovec, H., Coulier, F., Birnbaum, D., and Goldfarb, M. (1997)  Murine FGF-12 and FGF-13: expression in embryonic nervous system, connective tissue and heart.  Mech. Dev. 64(1,2), 31-39. (times cited: 151)






55. Shrivastava, A, Radziejewski, C., Campbell, E., Kovac, L., McGlynn, M., Ryan, T.E., Davis, S., Goldfarb, M.P., Lemke, G., and Yancopoulos, G.D. (1997)  An orphan receptor tyrosine kinase family whose members serve as nonintegrin collagen receptors.  Mol. Cell 1, 25-34. (times cited: 630)




54. Lovec, H., Hartung, H., Verdier, A.S., Mattei, M.G., Birnbaum, D., Goldfarb, M., and Coulier, F. (1997)  Assignment of FGF13 to human chromosome band Xq21 by in situ hybridization.  Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 76, 183-184.




53. Hartung, H., Lovec, H., Verdier, A.S., Mattei, M.G., Coulier, F., Goldfarb, M., and Birnbaum, D. (1997)  Assignment of Fgf12 to mouse chromosome bands 16B1->B3 by in situ hybridization.  Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 76, 185-186. 






52. Wang, J.K. and Goldfarb, M. (1997)  Amino acid residues which distinguish the mitogenic potentials of two FGF receptors.  Oncogene 14, 1767-1778. (times cited: 41)






51. Verdier, A.S., Mattei, M.G., Lovec, H., Hartung, H., Goldfarb, M., Birnbaum, D., and Coulier, F. (1997)  Chromosomal mapping of two novel human FGF genes, FGF11 and FGF12.  Genomics 40, 151-154. (times cited: 45)






50. Coulier, F., Pontarotti, P., Roubin, R., Hartung, H., Goldfarb, M., and Birnbaum, D.  (1997)  Of worms and men: An evolutionary perspective on the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and FGF receptor families.  J. Mol. Evol. 44, 43-56. (times cited: 281)






49. Ornitz, D.M., Xu, J., Colvin, J.S., McEwen, D.G., MacArthur, C.A., Coulier, F., Gao, G., and Goldfarb, M.  (1996)  Receptor specificity of the fibroblast growth factor family.  J. Biol. Chem. 271, 15292-15297. (times cited: 2,080)






48. Wang, J.-K., Xu, H., Li, H.-C., and Goldfarb, M.  (1996)  Broadly expressed SNT-like proteins link FGF receptor stimulation to activators of the Ras pathway.  Oncogene 13, 721-729. (times cited: 129) 






47. Valenzuela, D.M., Rojas, E., Griffiths, J.A., Compton, D.L., Gisser, M., Ip, N.Y., Goldfarb, M., and Yancoupolos, G.D. (1996)  Identification of full-length and truncated forms of EHK-3, a novel member of the EPH receptor tyrosinel kinase family.   Oncogene 10, 1573-1580. (times cited: 72) 






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